Photos by Zoe Prinds-Flash

Photos by Zoe Prinds-Flash

Photographer/writer team Emmet Kowler and Cecilia Johnson are recently graduated pop culture addicts. In school, he despised the beaten path; she thrived on it. When they weren’t in class or working, they were probably at a movie theater. They met on one of their summers off, working in the Minnesota arts scene, and they discovered near-matching music tastes.

In addition to musical favorites, they also shared questions. Why do today’s pop songs share so much with ‘80s hits? How and why do pop stars shape their image? How can people love Black music and not value Black lives?

Here, they’ll search for answers to these questions and more, creating an interface where photos will meet text, high culture will meet low, and plainspeak will meet theory. They’ll look to music for guidance, but everything else is also fair game.

Issues will be released periodically, with playlists and other goodies to fill in the gaps.

It’s inevitable that there will come a time when Cecilia remembers something you did or said, and you will have no recollection of it whatsoever. It’s nothing personal, and she won’t fault you for it, hopefully. Cecilia’s brain is a product of a suburban upbringing and an urban cultural awakening; a compendium of craft beer and the correct spellings of rappers’ names; filled with the Spanish language and a musical vocabulary. She's a dedicated writer who likes to dig for the right metaphor for the right person in the right moment. Her favorite things include favorite things and pop culture.


Emmet Kowler is a theater artist, photographer, and pop culture fiend from South Minneapolis. After growing up blocks from cafés and parkways, he moved to small-town Morris, Minnesota to earn his degree. He studied theatre arts, but he learned more than anything about himself.

Emmet is clever and prolific. He lives for good art, and he’s bold in his self-expression. He sees the big picture and knows how to adventure; he also knows how to apologize. Despite his great taste in most spheres — this comprises Hamilton, pilsners, Spielberg movies, and trivia nights — he has an enigmatic penchant for dried apricots.